Friday, 5 December 2014

ERP for Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing

The ERP for Electrical Contractors serves exactly this purpose. It manages all the complex data which are used in the electrical circuitry in large buildings and apartment complexes, malls, multiplexes, etc. The ERP can easily detect if there is any problem in any floor or if there is a voltage fluctuation or a power shortage or any form of electrical malfunction. This is because there will immediately be a change in the value of current/voltage/watts which is ultimately data, by ant\y standard. The ERP for Electrical Contractors is thus a powerful tool which when used by the contractors who oversee the construction of these big buildings serves as a guiding force in overseeing all the electrical construction in these buildings.
All the electrical contractor has to do is get the ERP implemented in his system, and the ERP for Electrical Contractors will take care of the rest.
eresource ERP having multiple software systems in place, accurately tracking labor and production costs across two locations, four business units, and seven different shops that collectively handle hundreds of work orders at any given time proved to be an extremely difficult task.


eresource ERP is designed with operation efficiency in mind. Operational efficiency requires a system that addresses every aspect of your business. It helps to cut costs, enables quick market presence of the product, improve customer relation and comply with regulations.


Quality Control section with its integrated sophisticated Quality Control / Module which not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and production but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

eresource Nfra for a Project Based Industry

Modules of NFRA ERP:

This module comprehensively covers all features required as per the Industry best Practice. Estimation is computed on the basis of Line Items of the BOQ. Comprehensive Estimation mechanism ensures high levels of Costing methodology. eresource NFRA calculates bid values in real-time. The applicable resources rates, such as Item Pricing, Cost of Man-power (Labor), Sub Contractor Cost, Cost of Services and additional overheads cost are automatically applied resulting in rapid cost of BOQ. Pricing of the Project can be done flexibly and easily through various options.
Customer Relationship Management

CRM in eresource NFRA provides better customer service, cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and better understand who your customer are. Organizations frequently look for ways to personalize online experiences with tools that are provided with the CRM module. The CRM module enables interactions with customers. The module organizes, automates and synchronizes sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.


Purchase Management module streamlines procurement of required raw materials, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes.

Project Management and Control

You can schedule and plan the project, concurrently export resources and assignment duration, link activities and immediately view the bar chart. Planned and unplanned BOQ can also be viewed. The user can also capture project status/ project progress at real time using this module.

To avoid cost overruns, project industry companies need to have a constant monitoring of project cost. eresource NFRA provides a top-of-the-line Budgeting system that would allow configuration and allocation of budget for Materials, Subcontractor, Hiring and Administration costs.eresource NFRA budgeting module computes the Material and other Direct Cost of Project from the Base Price in the Item Master. The base price is updated as per the last services / purchase cost.

You can keep track of stock detail online from the warehouse or from the project site
On-Site Portal

With the on-site Portal, information can easily be rolled out across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions from your work station. The module help you with a lot of time saving. The module also keeps watch on your resources. You can manage workforce attendance, stocks, salary and more.

Billing Module gives you the ability to create invoices for client, subcontractors, suppliers. When you use the System to generate and print invoices, the amounts are automatically posted to the General Ledger Chart of Accounts.
 Material Planning

 This Module gives you the ability to do the material planning during project management.


An ERP system treats subcontracting similar to procurement of a service. Using our system you can assign one or more Sub-Contractors to selected BoQ items with a single mouse click. You can also retain non-selected sub-contracts data for future reference. 

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